Integration Grant

We assembled a math team to follow the “Math-in-CTE” format created by the National Research Center for Career and Technical Education and create lessons for Welding, Auto, and Construction Trades. The goal of these lessons is to take the math that is embedded in the CTE program and enhance it. Students will rigor up their math skills without losing CTE content. Students who are successful at completing the lessons may have the opportunity to earn Algebra II credit, technical math credit, and/or articulated credit at Alpena Community College.

Math-in-CTE Lessons

Agriscience & Natural Recources Technology

Visual Imaging

Kalamazoo RESA also created math lessons under the Integration Grant. The title of their project was “Delivering Michigan Merit Curriculum Algebra II Standards Through State Approved Engineering, Manufacturing and Industrial Technology (EMIT) Programs Utilizing the Collaborative Teaching Model”. View their work here.